We exclusively use 100% FSC certified paper stocks – part recycled , part sustainable forests!

To reduce our use of fossil fuels, we use vegetable-based inks in our standard production processes rather than traditional oil or petroleum based inks.

The boxes we use for dispatching our orders are made from recycled cardboard.

Litho Presses
Our presses use fully automated wash systems for a more efficient make ready time, which reduces our paper and water consumption.





What is the FSC?
The Forest Stewardship Council are an organisation working to promote the practice of sustainable forestry across the world.  They set standards for forest products and independently certify that these standards are being met. In terms of paper, FSC certify the wood pulp is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest.

This is more than just recycling.  FSC paper is typically composed of ‘virgin’ tree fibres rather than already recycled fibres, although recycled paper can be FSC-certified.

Benefits of FSC paper
 FSC paper is brighter and smoother which means the colours we print will look brighter too, making your print even more vibrant than before.
Using FSC certified paper is win-win, your designs will print more vibrantly and you can rest a little easier knowing we are helping to protect our forests.




Don’t feel guilty about printing, by printing with us we plant MORE trees than had you not printed at all – It’s a WIN-WIN for the planet!




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