Why is professional Graphic Design important?

Graphic Design is an integral part of modern life. From cereal to signs, billboards to book covers, all use graphic design to deliver a message. Good design is the art of using text and images to communicate information, an idea, or a feeling.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Graphic Design is the medium through which your business communicates with your audience and customers. A successful business will use graphics at every stage of their marketing to ensure that potential clients will purchase your product or use your service.

If you have a business, then graphic design is your business!

Your brand and marketing will be the first thing a potential client sees. Jellybean Graphics will ensure that you make a positive, professional and lasting impression.

Bland, boring and bog standard is not how you want to present your brand!

Graphic Design can be used to enhance your product, service, marketing or advertising. With creative and eye-catching design elements, your business will send a message to your customers that they should contact you instead of your competitors.

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Financial advisor client with a very boring, predictable and bland financial planning 12 page brochure. Imagery was very uninspiring throughout and not very interesting.


Complete re-design using a Surrealist theme throughout all 12 pages. Surreal imagery not only makes the client stand out from their competitors but holds the readers interest throughout whilst being memorable.



Poster advertising a Jazz Club. Client came to us for a refresh of their club nights for posters and flyers. The poster looks very cluttered with hard to read information.


We designed the new poster using 3 colours and an Art Deco font to reflect the Jazz feel. The new style is eye-catching with info cleanly laid out making it easy to read.



Photography client came to us with a very dated leaflet. The film strips were unimaginative and did not display the photos in the best way. Body text was also too much in one block.


We re-designed laying out images in an unusual block pattern, adding a dynamic and professional look. Heading stands out and body text has been steamlined. Client was very happy with the final result.










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